Unused images and scans

During the time Adventures in VHS was being put together, I came across all sorts of bits and bobs that I thought might make it into the book.

Among them, there were magazine scans and ads for a very similar model of VCR to the grey monolith I grew up with as a child. For various reasons, these couldn’t be included, but they could be added here for you to browse at your leisure.

Click on the images below to view full sized versions.

video for you thumbnail
Complete 1986 issue of Video For You magazine, as mentioned in the ‘Dolls’ chapter (PDF).
what video thumbnail
A few select pages from What Video magazine featuring ads and more from November 1982 (PDF).
vhs_infographic thumbnail
An infographic I created to chart the history of VHS in the UK and promote the podcast/book.
two year warranty thumbnail
Early 80s ad for Hitachi technology featuring the branded version of the VCR I used to own.
set it forget it thumbnail
Double page early 80s ad for Hitachi VT-8500, a very similar model to the beloved, Granada VT-8000 in my living room.
ETN article thumbnail
The article in which David Grant defends his actions in putting ETn: The Extra Terrestrial Nastie out into the world.