Adventures in VHS – The podcast

The Adventures in VHS podcast was a huge part of the Adventures in VHS project, allowing me to share the experience with people all over the world, while interviewing guest directors, producers and other artists.

There were 18 original full length episodes, a one-off mini cast and a feature length documentary show looking at the life and work of one of my biggest home video heroes, Cliff Twemlow.

That podcast ended with the release of the book, but a new version of the show returned in 2018 which you can find out more about here. Or you can click to stream the older shows directly, or right click to save the mp3 files and listen offline, via the images below…

Episode 1 – Creepozoids, featuring an interview with David DeCoteau.
Class of Nuke Em High
Episode 2 – Class of Nuke ‘Em high, featuring an interview with Troma President Lloyd Kaufman.
Devouring Waves and Monster
Episode 3 – Devouring Waves and Monster, a sea creatures double bill show.
Episode 4 – Ghoulies, featuring an interview with Rewind This! director Josh Johnson.
The Coca Cola Kid
Episode 5 – The Coca-Cola Kid, featuring VHS memories as submitted by listeners.
Episode 6 – Kindred, featuring an interview with legendary poster artist Graham Humphreys.
Episode 7 – Xtro, featuring an interview with director Harry Bromley Davenport.
The Blob and Terrorvision
Episode 8 – The Blob and Terrorvision, featuring an interview with director Ted Nicolau.
Chopping Mall
Episode 9 – Chopping Mall, featuring an interview with director Jim Wynorski.
Invasion USA and Missing in Action
Episode 10 – Discovering Chuck, a double bill of Chuck Norris, as viewed by a Norris novice.
Robot Jox
Episode 11 – Robot Jox review show.
Episode 12 – Evilspeak review show.
The 13th Floor
Episode 13 – The 13th Floor, a ‘listeners choice’ review episode.
Hot Dog
Episode 14 – Hot Dog: The Movie review show.
Breakdance 2 Electric Boogaloo
Episode 15 – Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo, featuring guest host Ian Loring (Dude and a Monkey).
Episode 16 – Society, featuring an interview with director Brian Yuzna.
Eye of the Tiger
Episode 17 – Eye of the Tiger review show.
Adventures in VHS Episode 18 - The Rats
Episode 18 – The Rats review show.
Basket Case
Episode 19 – Basket Case, first in an unfinished ‘minicast’ series looking at the Basket Case trilogy.
Adventures in VHS Cliff Twemlow Sleeve The Mancunian Man
Feature length documentary podcast ‘The Mancunian Man’, looking at the life and work of VHS legend Cliff Twemlow.