Adventures in VHS… no more?

So here we are, three episodes into Adventures in VHS Too and I’m busily prepping the next show. The episode is written and recorded, the interviews edited, clips arranged, all that’s left to do is assemble it all… so why do I feel a bit uncomfortable about it?

Well, the truth is, I’ve been struggling with something in relation to the show recently, you may have seen me tweet about it. The thing is, I kind of set out with something in mind for Adventures in VHS Too and with the last couple of episodes I don’t think I really achieved it. The episodes were good (I hope), I just feel like the two Transformers shows were very ‘Adventures in VHS’.

And that’s really the problem. As I mentioned on Twitter Adventures in VHS was rooted in something autobiographical about me, my childhood experiences, my passions and an unapologetic nostalgia for the 1980s. I decided to keep the brand and add ‘Too’ on to the end as a way to push it in a new direction, to go beyond VHS and dig deeper into an exploration of the decade that looked past the aesthetics. I wanted to do more than just reflect the pop culture of the day, I wanted to understand it.

That’s why the original intention for the show was to be slightly more academic in tone and content, to be less concerned with what the 1980s were – and more focused on why. With the next show, which will be online in the next few days, I think I’ve definitely moved things in the right direction. I’ve tried to get beneath the usual perception of the 1980s and try to apply some theory and external opinion to better understand one of its specific cultural touchpoint. I’m taking off the fluorescent pink tinted spectacles.

I’d always been a bit uneasy with ‘Adventures in VHS Too’ as the title, but I tried to make it fit. I wanted to retain the brand that I’d built around the old podcast and book rather than start from scratch, but in the back of my head, it never quite worked. If you subscribe to the podcast, I hope you’ll enjoy the next episode, but you’ll notice that there has been a change of name… and it’s designed to match the changes the show has undergone, and also set kind of an agenda for me to stick to in future episodes.