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The home video explosion of the 80s is one of the defining moments in our cultural history. VHS (and, for a while, Betamax) offered greater control over our home entertainment and opened the door to all manner of films that might never have otherwise seen the light of day.

Adventures in VHS is the story of how a young boy stumbled blindly into this world of horror, comedy, sex and violence – and fell in love with it all. Featuring a foreword by Lloyd Kaufman and contributions from Brian Yuzna, Jim Wynorski and more, its a must read for cult movie fans.

The hardback is now sold out, but the ebook (pub and pdf) can be ordered using the PayPal link below. You can also download all 18 episodes of the supporting podcast episodes for free right here.

An Adventures in VHS ‘sequel project’ is in development, and you can follow Noel on Twitter for updates.

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